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City Rise Safety Services

Hey Guys! So I stumbled up this really really great company named City Rise Safety Services! Totally random I know! BUT you all know I work at Yelp and see a bunch of different Businesses on a daily basis and this one just seems to be a really great one! I thought I should share it with you all, mes amours!


How does City Rise Safety ensure safety at work zones?

Traffic Safety requires experienced professionals and smooth traffic control plans to keep confusion and chaos at bay. Safeguarding the pedestrians, daily commuters, children, bikes, and cars is a big responsibility. Along with that, the safety and protection of the workers working in the work zone also need to be considered. City Rise Safety has set a high benchmark and enjoys a flawless reputation in providing roadway safety and traffic control services. They have long term experience and can deliver any kind of project swiftly, at economical rates.

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of the people. Our efficient traffic management plan accounts for the safety of workers, motorists, drivers, pedestrians, homes and property. Poor safety benchmarks can increase the risks of accidents. Our strategies for Traffic Management are fail safe and proven.

  • They are ready to take on any challenge

Working a road safety job is also met with certain dangers. Angry drivers, violence and high speed driving can be risky to handle. Often, motorists cut corners they are not supposed to and cars go in directions which are prohibited for public use. With proper training and experience, these challenges can be overcame and controlled.

They have a team dedicated to design and make the plans and a fleet of crews to execute them with expertise. Our trained traffic control professionals and certified flaggers can handle even the toughest of terrain and work zones.

  • They do not rule out any detail

When it comes to maintaining road safety in a work zone, every detail plays an important role. The usual volume of traffic, number of pedestrians, the connections of the road and many other details must be taken into account while forming a plan.

They maintain a high precision factor so that every danger is eliminated. By installing warning and regulatory signs at corners, intersections, danger zones and other important areas, They keep drivers and commuters alert.

  • They offer customized solutions

Our solutions vary from project to project. Using cutting edge software, latest technology and efficient planning, They tailor our solutions to suit the project.

Check out their website to see the list of services and traffic control services. Call them or email them to book any service or rent a product. They have a friendly and knowledgeable team of customer care executives who can guide you with your questions. Give em the chance to make your and others’ lives safer.




I watched it again last night, Johnny Depp was soooooo dreamy! AHH! Drove me nuts all night!

You HAVE to watch it!

Who the heck is Patty Liu?!

Hey Guys!!!

My name is Patricia Maxwell, but everyone calls me Patty Liu! NO, it is not because I am fat. LOL!

So I decided to make this blog to showcase my life, I’m a life long fan of everything France. It’s a beautiful place, despite I’ve never been… YET!

I fell in love with France when I took French in High School, it was very informative and we learned so much about the culture and how people respond to French around the world. It grew my curiosity to France incredibly high!


I stole this Image from Wharton… I hope they don’t mind! It was just SUCH a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower!

Anyways! I’m getting off topic!

So what I do for work is actually work for Yelp! Yelp for Small Businesses that is!

I help companies get known on Yelp! I am like a Magic worker for any local mom and pop restaurant or store! It’s soooooo fun! I can’t give you guys too too much information because I can get in trouble…

I wrote something about France when I was in High School and I want to post it here, because I feel that it just matches this blog that I created. WHICH BY THE WAY!!! Is because I wanted to start documenting my life, like everyone I know has a blog, so I was like… why not!~

Anyways here is the little thing I wrote back in High School!

Dear Paris

Ever since my eyes laid upon you for the very first time thru pictures, you will always be home to me, Paris. You are more than ever part of my story, my DNA, and the bridge that allows me to build my dreams while breaking boundaries across my worlds. I feel this unique sensation of always being surrounded by history – somehow also being a part of it.

I know being cosmopolitan isn’t easy, as you’re still fighting to adjust and embrace all of your cultures — but what makes you beautiful in my eyes is your diversity, your many colours. But you can also come across as very cold when it comes to anything that is not Parisian. Sometimes I wish our people were warmer and more welcoming.

On rainy days, you can be sad, yet so romantic, especially for those lucky enough, since I am not, to watch the raindrops falling down on your beautiful Haussmann buildings. You are love, magic, and always chic.

This is the image of you I love the most, not the ones portrayed on these beautiful postcards, which cannot begin to capture who you really are.

I wish my firsts have had been with you. When far from sight, you are closer to my heart; and in your absence, my heart grows fonder. Paris, I love you. I do have to leave you sometimes, so when I come back, I can appreciate you even more.

Patty Liu

Oh how I cannot wait to visit you, oh Paris.

Until then,

Patty Liu.