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Hello Guys!!!

My name is Patricia Maxwell, yet everybody calls me Patty Liu! NO, it isn’t on account of I am fat. LOL!

So I chose to influence this blog to exhibit to my life, I’m a deep rooted enthusiast of everything France. It’s a delightful place, in spite of I’ve never been… YET!

I began to look all starry eyed at France when I took French in High School, it was exceptionally enlightening and we adapted such a great amount about the way of life and how individuals react to French the world over. It developed my interest to France staggeringly high!


I stole this Image from Wharton… I trust they wouldn’t fret! It was quite recently SUCH a delightful perspective of the Eiffel Tower!

At any rate! I’m getting off subject!

So what I improve the situation work is really work for Yelp! Cry for Small Businesses that is!

I enable organizations to get known on Yelp! I resemble a Magic laborer for any nearby mother and pop eatery or store! It’s soooooo fun! I can’t give you folks too an excess of data since I can get stuck in an unfortunate situation…

I composed something about France when I was in High School and I need to post it here, in light of the fact that I feel that it just matches this blog I made. WHICH BY THE WAY!!! Is on account of I needed to begin recording my life, as everybody I know has a blog, so I resembled… why not!~

In any case here is the seemingly insignificant detail I composed back in High School!